Vegan restaurant

Above the Clouds under the Stars .

The food served in our restaurant at Refugio Terraza de la Tierra is all plant based food cooked with love in a simple creative way with our exotic ingredients. We shape original meals for the body, mind and spirit. Raw and cocked vegetables arranged with fruit, herbs, flowers, oils, honey and pollen from the bees. We serve dancing water to all meals. The ingrediens we use are from our biodynamic fields and wild plants from the magic cloud rainforest  and some supplements from the local farmers and market.

All Work in Refugio Terraza de la Tierra is in harmony and connection with the universe.

Cafe y té  
Té  la montaña                 50 pesos
Café France press 60 pesos
Café France press Chico 35 pesos
Café espresso 35 pesos
Leche de plantas  
Chocolate con Leche o  de aqua 35 pesos
Pan del Montaña o nuez en Bolsa  
Pan con chocolate 40 pesos
BrPan sin gluten 30 pesos
Pan con trico 30 pesos
Nuez almandra 60 pesos
Nuez Cashu                                           70 pesos
Nuez pican 70 pesos
Pasa 30 pesos
Differende nuez con pasa 60 pesos
Pieza del chocolate del Terraza 30 pesos
Jugo  de naranja  un baso                                        15 pesos
Un trago de jugo de limon un baso 20 pesos
Vino tinto 250 pesos
Vino blanco 300 pesos
Serveza artisanal 45 pesos
1 botella de mezcal 300 pesos
1 botella de mezcal Chico 200 pesos
1 copa de mescal 35 pesos