Refugio Healing Offerings


One Truth

100% of proceeds from Moon ceremonies go to One Truth organisation.

One Truth is dedicated to creating unity in the world. Our approach is Holistic; focusing on individual and group healing, providing aid and relief, exchanging cultures and personal gifts and personal growth/education. We are passionate about seeing each individual for who they truly are; connecting them with their gifts, helping them nurture these gifts than exchange and share our gifts celebrating the beauty of this life together. We believe the best way to truly support someone is to see them for who they are.


Temazcal (1.5+ hrs), 300 mp                                                                                                                                                                          

Temazcal is a pre hispanic ancient purifying ritual that works with the sacred elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air. As you enter the temazcal, symbolic of the mothers womb; water is poured on glowing hot stones to create a cleansing steam that clears the mind, removes toxins from the body and elevates the spirit.


Oracle Reading (60 or 90 mins),  (700 mp or 1000 mp)

Cris has created her own Oracle deck; Becoming Dragon Oracle of Shadows. Experience channeled guidance to support you delve deep and move forward in a chosen area of your life. Your reading will be supported with elements from Human Design and Enneagram systems.


Medicine Portal — 3 hours minimum, 1000mp/hour

With the aid of mushrooms you will be guided on a beautiful journey deep into your energetic and physical bodies. Held in loving presence open your entire being as you journey back in time. Release pain, fear, and limiting patterns and make space for new positive energies to enter your life aligning you on your path.





Cris is trained in Emotional Freedom Technique, Hatha Yogic Tantra, and has done workshops in somato-emotional trauma release with Drs. Bessel van der Kolk and Peter Levine. Cris has channelled and created her own Oracle deck; Becoming Dragan Oracle of Shadows. She is passionate about Human Design, Ennegram system and Astrology. Cris is a Sound healer, artist, Musician and Shadow worker.