Refugio Terraza de la Tierra is a great organic spice- and fungal garden, a huge pantry. It stretches over 3 peaks with 3.5 km of watercourse with more than 20 waterfalls, from 2 meters to 45 meters, untouched forest, an amazing fauna.. A total of 180 ha, 140 ha of forest, plantation and 4 hectares of wilderness.

The soil is dark, red, green and very rich. The water jumps 4 places and you can drink it right away. Refugio Terraza de la Tierra is located at height 2000 m to 2700 m above sea level.

The air is very fresh, and often you will experience being above the clouds, the sight is amazing. The average temperature is 17.8 degrees night and day all year round. Between 18 degrees and 40 degrees during the day and between 4 degrees and 18 degrees at night. From October to May the weather is gorgeous. The rainy season is from mid May to October – a very fascinating time where you get the opportunity to experience the shift between the dancing sun, rain, lightning above the clouds which, particularly at night, adorning the sky.