Transport and arrival

💜 Dear Guests,


💜 Arrival to Refugio Terraza de la Tierra
You can arrive by yourself or we can arrange Pick up and return or with one of the 3 different busses:
Autobus Elipse,
Atlantis and
Línea Unidos
they leave every 30 minutes from Oaxaca or the Coast.
We are located at Camino Federal 175, km 128, 1 km after La Venta and 4 km before San Jose Del Pacifico, if you come from Oaxaca.
If you come from the Coast we are located 4 km after San Jose Del Pacifico and 1 km before La Venta.
We have a sign in the road.
If you ask the bus driver before you go, they will stop at our place.


💜 When you arrive to our parking lot, please ring the bell in the pyramide and we will come to welcome you and support you with your luggage.
You are also welcome to go to our reception.


💜 All our rooms have a fireplace and privat bathroom, toilet, bed sheets,
candels, soap, shampoo, toiletpaper, essential stiks, towels and mountain water.


💜 The guys will light the fireplace every night. There are wood in the cabin for the fireplace.


💜 The food served in restaurant Refugio Terraza de la Tierra is all plant based food cooked with love in a simple creative way with our exotic ingredients, we shape original meals for the body, mind and spirit. Raw and cocked vegetables arranged with herbs and flowers, oils, honey and pollen from the bees. We serve pure mountain water from the ground. All the ingrediens are from our biodynamic land, the wildplants we collect and some supplements from the local farmers and markets.
The restaurant is open from 8 o’clock in the morning untill 9 o’clock in the night.
💜 We offer yoga and meditation every day at Refugio Terraza De La Tierra with our lovely Hatha Yoga teachers. They are dedecated to serve you in the work of love. Yoga and meditation are in the morning at 9 o’clock and in the afternoon at 5 o’clock. We charge a 100 pesos pr class pr guest. The fees will be charged, when you pay for your room.
💜 If you wish to be in silence, mauna, we have space for that.
💜 It is good to bring a sweater as the weather changes in the mountains.
💜 Refugio Terraza de la Tierra is provided with elektricity from solar power. If the clouds have been powerfull and the elektricity runs out, we will bring nice candels.


💜 We will appreciate a lot if you support our project “no plastic”, canes and folio. We try to become a plastic, canes and folie FREE place. We offer for free, glass bottles for water with clean mountain water. You can buy food cooked and produced with love, wine and beer, all in glass bottles in our restaurant.
If you bring in fastfood, beer canes, wine bottles, please take it with you.
There is no place for recycling in the mountains.


💜 We make Dancing water every Sunday and Thursday at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. You are very welcome to join Paulo and the yoga teacher, while they do a beautyful meditation preparing the water.


💜 David is the manager and don’t hesitate to ask him or the other nice guys any questions you might have in your heart. They are all Zapotec Natives and speak zapotec and spanish.


💜 There will be workers at our place day and night, so you will never be alone.


💜 Payment…..Cash in pesos, PayPal plus 10%, or deposit in the bank before arrival.
There is unfortunatly no ATM in the mountains.


💜 Tmascal, horses, walks and guided tours can be booked, when you are at our place.


💜 Our cloudy rainforest with 25 different waterfalls are free to enjoy. When you walk around, please be kind to every tre, plant, animal, insekt and mushroom.
Please be awear of the snakes, so they have time to run away.


💜 Dogs are very welcome but please respect the other guests and please do not bring them into the beds, restaurant, yoga house and the pyramide for meditation.


💜 We are all looking much forward to welcome you at Refugio Terraza de la Tierra and wish that we all are going to spent a beautyful time together.


💜 Blessings, love and gratitude


Warm wishes from all of us