12 planets, 12 pyramids. A cosmic Initiation. You enter an enigma of sacred geometry and find yourself inside the mystic world. It is your Kingdom. A world full of subtle energy that lifts your consciousness to new levels of vibration. You are inside a pyramid that contains the light of creation, – your creation.  Long have you searched for a place to call home. Your heart opens as it transcend beyond the limits of your mind and rests in the seat of the soul. You have come to see the light. The light of your higher self.

The 13th door is about to open. Beyond the guardian awaits a gateway to another dimension of higher reality. You will find guidance as you enter the chamber of initiation, filled with yellow, green, turquoise and violet rays of light. Finally you cross the threshold, ready for ascension. A monument in which you will be able to travel to other worlds reveals itself. It rises towards the sky searching for cosmic consciousness. You will be in the middle of a beam of light coming from the SUN. A place of ancient wisdom is awoken in the midst of this mystic land. Here you will find your way back home.