Plants from the Terraza de la Tierra in connection with the Moon

Gifts of mother Earth. The food served in the Refugio is a nutritional  punch in your stomach. It comes from the vast territories of mountainsides, land and forest on the estate. Here it is grown in harmony with the laws of creation. Every little seed is planted according to the cycles of the moon, the sun and stars.

We cook the food in simple, pure ways on the fire heated stow. With our exotic ingredients, organic twists, creative flavor on gastronomic classics we shape original cooking for the body, mind and spirit. Raw and cocked vegetables arranged with herbs and flowers from the biodynamic land, bread from the adobe oven, eggs from our chicken and off course supplements from the local  market. Our magic, aesthetic kitchen uses many spices, oils, honey and pollen from the bees. We serve pure mountain water from the ground. Tea we produce ourselves. Fruita de cigaro, polero, laurel, and lemon leaves, fresh and relaxing.


Opening hours from 8 am to 10 pm

Breakfast from  8- 11        140  pesos

Lunch from 12 – 17             100 pesos

Dinner from 19:30 – 21       180 pesos


Cafe and té  
Té  la montaña                 50 pesos
Café France press 60 pesos
Café France press Chico 35 pesos
Café espresso 35 pesos
Milk from the plants  
Chocolate with milk or water 35 pesos
Bread of the  Montaña and nuts  
Bread with chocolate 40 pesos
Bread without gluten 30 pesos
Bread whole wheat 30 pesos
Almonds 60 pesos
Cashew                                                  70 pesos
Pecan 70 pesos
Raisins 30 pesos
Different nuts whit raisins 60 pesos
Chocolate pyramide del Terraza 30 pesos
Dancing water with  limo, 1 l 75 pesos
Dancing water with orange, 1 l 75 pesos
Orange juice                                          15 pesos
limon shot 20 pesos
Vino tinto 250 pesos
Vino blanco 300 pesos
Beer artisanal 45 pesos
1 mezcal 300 pesos
1 mezcal Chico 200 pesos
1 glas de mescal 35 pesos