The refugio. A place of true simple living. The pathway leads into a beautiful world hidden in the mountain. In Terraza de la Tierra everything flowers. Trees, birds, bees, animals and beautiful people live in harmonious coexistence. The fresh air nourishes you as you walk by the rivers, down the mountain paths into hidden valleys with waterfalls and magic stones. A special energy reveals itself in this adventurous place. You can feel it flowing around and inside you. Behind large rock formations new landscapes of special magnificence appears. You breathe in the silence. Here you can just BE, – relax and enjoy. You can hear the mountain speak to you in various ways, – if you are willing to listen.

The houses are built with natural materials. Luxury without complexity. The landscape provides you with all you need. The food comes from the ecological land. The forest give you wood for the evening fire. It will be lit for you every night. The wheather changes 9 times a day. The sun, the moon, the stars comes a little closer. The wind whispers songs of ancient knowledge and sometimes the lightning shakes you up in the night. This is the place where fairytales comes to life. You not only tell the stories, you live them.