Yoga and meditation every day

💜We offer yoga and meditation every day at Refugio Terraza De La Tierra with our lovely Hridaya/Hatha Yoga teachers. They are dedicated to serve you in the work of love. Yoga and meditation are in the morning at 9 o’clock and in the afternoon at 5 o’clock. We charge a 150 pesos pr. class pr. guest.

Yoga retreat

Yoga meditation

At Refugio Terraza de la Tierra you have the perfect surroundings to connect with you self – the close contact with nature makes it easier for you to hear your inner voice. Our sacred yoga-meditation pyramide Shala is nestled in the trees of the cloud forest with a magnificent view over the beautiful Mountains of San José del Pacifico, Oaxaca.
The yoga style teached is a mix of Yin yoga/ Yin fascial yoga/ Hatha yoga/ The 5 Tibetans. The Yoga classes are mindful, slow and gentle with lots of time to really listening to what is moving inside you in the moment – in your body and in your mind. The aim is to create more space in your body and your mind and to gain a balance that can benefit you off the yoga mat. No yoga experience needed – everyone can join.

39 or 49 days silence retreat

Includes private cabin with private bathroom, hot shower and fireplace.
Vegan breakfast and dinner cooked with ingredients grown in our garden, cooked and served in love with dancing water in your cabin.

Dancing water

Watermeditation every thursday and sunday at 4 o´clock in the afternoon 
We open up the pure clean water from our poone which is located at the top of our beautiful Alcatraz field. Here the water comes from deep within of our Mother Earth. We add the water into our water bowl we have under our holy Jaco tree. Then we add calcium, mountain crystal and salt from Himalaya where there are 80 different Minerals . We connect to our self and to the water and start pulling the water around with a Woodstock while we meditate and send lots of love and sing our beautiful mantra In 4 times of 15 min. The water will open up, get intelligent and will turn out to be soft. So when you drink it, it will structure you blood cell and start detox you body and soul.
Thank you, Mother Earth.


12 planets, 12 pyramids. A cosmic Initiation. You enter an enigma of sacred geometry and find yourself inside the mystic world. It is your Kingdom. A world full of subtle energy that lifts your consciousness to new levels of vibration. You are inside a pyramid that contains the light of creation, – your creation.  Long have you searched for a place to call home. Your heart opens as it transcend beyond the limits of your mind and rests in the seat of the soul. You have come to see the light. The light of your higher self.

The 13th door is about to open. Beyond the guardian awaits a gateway to another dimension of higher reality. You will find guidance as you enter the chamber of initiation, filled with yellow, green, turquoise and violet rays of light. Finally you cross the threshold, ready for ascension. A monument in which you will be able to travel to other worlds reveals itself. It rises towards the sky searching for cosmic consciousness. You will be in the middle of a beam of light coming from the SUN. A place of ancient wisdom is awoken in the midst of this mystic land. Here you will find your way back home.

European’s Temazcal with herbs, incenses sticks and candles




Price for sauna is 100 mx pesos/person